How to Slice Round Vegetables

Vegetables are usually too big and awkward to eat whole. Slicing vegetables is easy and makes your food more manageable to cook and eat.

How to Cut Round Vegetables Into Wedges

Round fruits and vegetables can be easily cut into wedges and take minimal effort.

How to Dice Onions

Onions are a wonderful addition to any dish. However, their multiple layers mean that you have to handle them a little differently. Here we show you how to efficiently dice your onions to save time and effort.

How to Slice Long Vegetables

Slicing long vegetables, such as carrots, is fairly similar to slicing round vegetables and makes cooking much easier.

How to Dice Long Vegetables

Dicing long vegetables requires a different approach than round vegetables, even involving some julienne cuts! We explain how to easily dice long vegetables of any kind.

Awesome Father's Day Gift Ideas

Celebrate Father's Day by getting your dad a gift that will allow him to enjoy his favorite food and drink!

Make Your Own Filled Chocolates for National Candy Month!

June is National Candy Month. Celebrate this sweet time of year with your own filled chocolate treats!

How to Steam an Egg

Eggs can be easily steamed for an airy dish.

How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiling eggs is a popular, and easy, method that can produce delicious eggs for a snack or a complement an even larger dish.

How to Cook Soft Boiled Eggs

The lesser known of the boiled eggs, a soft boiled egg leaves you with more of a liquid yolk if you enjoy your eggs runny.